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Willendorf, 2020

Limited Edition Screenprint of The Willendorf Venus by Nell Latimer. (Taken from an original Linocut design)

Available in Black Cherry or plain Black.

13cm x 16.5cm image size, with a minimum border of 2.5cm
on 110 g/sqm zerkall paper in pale cream

This image also features as the Empress card in the Commonplace Tarot deck, also available here.

The Willendorf Venus is thought to be one of the oldest self portraits of a woman and as such has been reused and reinterpreted throughout human history.
Similar sculptures, first discovered in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, are traditionally referred to in archaeology as "Venus figurines", due to the widely-held belief that depictions of nude women with exaggerated sexual features represented an early fertility fetish, perhaps a mother goddess. The reference to Venus is metaphorical, since the figurines predate the mythological figure of Venus by many thousands of years. Some scholars reject this terminology, instead referring to the statuette as the "Woman of" or "Woman from Willendorf."


  • Image of Willendorf, 2020
  • Image of Willendorf, 2020