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The Mage (colour)

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Hand coloured version of limited edition screenprint, finished by hand with watercolours.
From The Commonplace Tarot Deck by Nell Latimer.
(Taken from an original Linocut design)

14cm x 20cm on Heritage White acid-free paper.

The Mage represents a need to succeed through careful planning and communicating your ideas to a larger audience. The Mage is about teaching and learning. A powerful disciplined person who sometimes takes the form of a Master of illusion or someone skilled in Trade and commerce. The key is communication and study. It might also signify the right time to start new things, provided they are well researched. The Mage is about being very convincing and sometimes looking behind the illusion.

The Commonplace Tarot deck reflects animals, plants, icons and familiar stories and unknown mysteries. Taking the somewhat hierarchical structure of the traditional Tarot, which depicts royalty, the clergy and nobility through its suits, this deck merges the familiar strata evident in traditional forms, such as the Rider Waite Smith and Marseilles Decks, with a narrative derived from folklore, personal experience and an appreciation of the natural world.

The deck will be available to purchase here in December 2019.


  • Image of The Mage (colour)
  • Image of The Mage (colour)
  • Image of The Mage (colour)